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Shining the Gems, One by One…

Mugla Houses are renowned for their courtyard entrances, known as the “Lamb Door,” adorned with lacelike canopies and wooden ceiling ornaments. The chimneys gracefully rising from the red brick-covered roofs of these houses remain the quintessential symbol of the city to this day. Specifically designed to accommodate the “less windy, more rainy” climate of the region, Mugla Chimneys are constructed using 28 Ottoman bricks, and their distinctive feature is the “hats” crafted from these bricks.

Before 1922, Turks and Greeks coexisted in Mugla, each contributing to a distinct architectural style suited to their respective lifestyles. Turkish and Greek houses exhibit contrasting characteristics, with Turkish houses featuring concave placements and Greek houses adopting convex orientations. These historical houses, situated in the heart of the city, are meticulously restored one by one, transforming i

Uftade & Ummu Sinan