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Fatih Atatürk and the Legacy of Troy


Exploring the Echoes of the First “World War”

TroyCatalyst of Transformation

The Troy War, often deemed the first “world war,” holds profound significance in shaping the landscape of both its region and Europe. Emerging from the aftermath of this war, new civilizations rose, transforming Troy into the richest city of its time. The migrations that followed paved the way for the birth of the Roman Empire, a force that would influence the world. Troy Read More about Troy Bridging Reality and Dream, existing in the realms of dream and reality, became a unifying force for two prominent heroes: Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Atatürk.

Troy’s Uniting Influence

Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Atatürk, instrumental figures in the history of these lands, found a common bond in Troy. During his conquest of the Mitylene Island, Fatih conquered the lands near Çanakkale, including Troy, proclaiming,

Troy Bridging Reality and Dream


Unlocking Homeric Epics with “Dus ve Gercek Troia”

The world’s most extensive exhibition, “Dus ve Gercek Troia” (Troy, The Reality and The Dream), offers an enriched understanding of Homeric epics, Iliad and Odyssey. These literary masterpieces, born from the artistic legacy of a civilization crafted three millennia ago, come to life within its pages. In this narrative, legendary figures like Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Atatürk converge in Troy, blurring the lines between reality and dream.

Living the 3,000-Year-Old Legend

Troy, both a historical reality and a mythic dream, provides a backdrop for the 3,000-year-old legend. Without the existence of Troy and the Trojan War, the timeless “Iliad and Odyssey” by Homer would not have manifested. This literary monument seamlessly weaves reality and dream, showcasing a profound creative aptitude. Amidst the Troy War, gods and goddesses of the pagan era engaged in acts of eatin

Discovering a Hidden Marvel


The results from seismic research, conducted by the Mine Detection Institute (MTA) and Istanbul Technical University, have revealed that the Underground City is a five-story marvel. Impressively, it connects to a second underground city 130 km eastward through a vestibule. As excavation efforts continue, more hidden places are anticipated to be revealed, leading many to consider this city as the potential “8th wonder of the world.”

Legacy of Loss and Pride in Dulkadirli

“In this region, both the Cappadocian kingdom (332 B.C.–18 A.D.), known as the ‘Country of the Beautiful Horses,’ and the Hittite Empire (1650-1200 B.C.) once held sway Read More about Fatih Atatürk and the Legacy of Troy. Archaeologists have also identified its use as a refuge and defense site by the early Christians. The Dulkadirli Underground City isn’t merely a settlement; it’s believed to be an ̵

Uftade & Ummu Sinan

Uftade (died 988/1580)Uftade whose real name is Mehmed Muhyiddin was born in Bursa. He played an important role in the development of the Celvetie religions order. He was the sheik of Aziz Mahmud (died...

Istanbul Palaces and Kasirs

Dolmabahce PalaceSultan Abdulmecit moved his court from Topkapi Palace to Dolmabahce Palace in 1855.The palace that was built in showy style called Sekerci Style, is built by the Armenian Balyan family.It forms a complex...

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Discovering Perge