Discovering a Hidden Marvel


The results from seismic research, conducted by the Mine Detection Institute (MTA) and Istanbul Technical University, have revealed that the Underground City is a five-story marvel. Impressively, it connects to a second underground city 130 km eastward through a vestibule. As excavation efforts continue, more hidden places are anticipated to be revealed, leading many to consider this city as the potential “8th wonder of the world.”

Legacy of Loss and Pride in Dulkadirli

“In this region, both the Cappadocian kingdom (332 B.C.–18 A.D.), known as the ‘Country of the Beautiful Horses,’ and the Hittite Empire (1650-1200 B.C.) once held sway Read More about Fatih Atatürk and the Legacy of Troy. Archaeologists have also identified its use as a refuge and defense site by the early Christians. The Dulkadirli Underground City isn’t merely a settlement; it’s believed to be an ‘underground city complex,’ marking a crucial era in civilization. With meticulous planning and laborious construction, it stands as a unique world, a different planet,” as aptly described by a German tourist. Today, with increasing awareness of the region’s significance, efforts are underway to document its wonders Private Tour Guide Turkey.

Musa Tuncay, a prominent figure in the region, is working on an album showcasing the underground city. President of TURSAB, emphasizes, “It’s a loss not to visit the Dulkadirli Underground City, and it’s a shame to visit it without taking an interest.” As dreams grow, Mayor Dulkadiroglu envisions hosting high-profile events in the region, such as the filming of a TV serial inspired by the folk song of Zahide and even proposing the idea of holding a meeting of the Council of Ministers for enhanced regional promotion.


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