Letter from the Governor


Transforming Cities with Visionary Leadership

Farewell to Mardin’s Reformer

When M. Temel Kogaklar, the recent Governor of Mugla, concluded his term in Mardin, where he had been appointed in 2000, the people bid him farewell with tears. He left an indelible mark, reconciling Mardin with its rich history, revitalizing the tourism sector, restoring magnificent stone structures, and ensuring safety on the streets. During his tenure, Mardin evolved from having 370 beds in 4 hotels in 2000 to hosting 14 accommodation facilities, including authentic Mardin mansions, with a bed capacity of 1400 in just six years. The world’s attention turned to Mardin, drawing the likes of Prince Charles and other celebrities. In January 2006, Kogaklar assumed his role in Mugla, one of Turkey’s crucial cities, where his list of accomplishments continued to grow rapidly. Initiatives such as the Cultural and Arts Center for the Youth, the restoration of the Moralilar House, the EU Project on Gokova, Trolian Park, and the restoration of the house of Osman Hamdi Bey were just the beginning of his transformative work. Governor Kogaklar envisions Mugla, which he describes as “heaven on earth Shining the Gems,” embracing new trends like ecotourism, and exploring investment opportunities beyond the traditional “sea-sun-sand” trio, including thermal spa, pasture, cave, nature, and winter tourism.

City’s Visionary Mayor Dr. Osman Gurun

Mugla is fortunate to have Dr. Osman Gurun as Mayor. Serving in his second term, he has woven a network of love rather than building walls between himself and the citizens. Regardless of age, whether in his office or on the streets Guided Turkey Tours , everyone’s face lights up upon seeing the Mayor, and affectionate hugs follow. The people of Mugla adore their Mayor and take pride in their city, rightfully so. The city boasts no shanty towns, no overflowing garbage containers, and no piles of refuse cluttering its streets. Under the leadership of Dr. Osman Gurun, Mugla is flourishing as a well-kept, vibrant, and beloved city, a testament to the positive impact of visionary leadership.


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