Assos and Troy


Just beyond the “Museum of Olive Oil” at Kazdagı, several historical sites beckon for exploration. One of the most significant among them is Assos, established through one of the world’s earliest privatizations in the 7th century BC. Assos captivates tourists each year with its “Antique City,” “Acropolis,” and the “Murat Hüdavendigar Mosque.” Babakale, located in the west part of Assos, marks the far-west point of Turkey, bordering Asia. After a 70 km drive in the direction of Çanakkale, you reach Troy, a city renowned in historical narratives. Troy holds the distinction of being the world’s first city, repeatedly destroyed and resettled at the same location due to wars and invasions. The “Gallery of Ethnography” in the village of Tahlakuyular recounts the 500-year life saga of the “Tahtacı Turkmens” at Kazdagı. These prominent touristic attractions are all within a one-hour drive from Kazdagı.

Ancient City of Ephesus

After completing the illumination project at the Ancient City of Ephesus last year, TURSAB now sheds light on Mount Asar, situated in the heart of Muğla. Gleaming like a gem beyond the city lights, Mount Asar reigns supreme over the Muğla Prairie Letter from the Governor. The city center of Muğla, often overshadowed by the renowned fame of destinations like Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça, Fethiye, and Göcek, stands as a tranquil hub, steering clear of the bustling “sea-sun-sand” trio. Slowly but steadily developing, it retains its authenticity while embracing modern urban planning principles. The city center boasts richness in terms of historical, touristic, and natural assets—exuding wealth, culture, elegance, dignity, and modesty. Nestled away from the crowded shores of the Aegean and the Mediterranean City Tours Istanbul, it leans against the mountains.

As you travel along the road branching off the gleaming highways and enter the city center of Muğla, you are welcomed into a city that coexists peacefully with its prairie, forest, and culture. Gazing into the expanse of the prairie, Mount Asar commands attention, resembling colossal rocks stacked upon one another. The distinctive chimneys of Mugla’s houses then extend a friendly salute.


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