Troy Bridging Reality and Dream


Unlocking Homeric Epics with “Dus ve Gercek Troia”

The world’s most extensive exhibition, “Dus ve Gercek Troia” (Troy, The Reality and The Dream), offers an enriched understanding of Homeric epics, Iliad and Odyssey. These literary masterpieces, born from the artistic legacy of a civilization crafted three millennia ago, come to life within its pages. In this narrative, legendary figures like Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Atatürk converge in Troy, blurring the lines between reality and dream.

Living the 3,000-Year-Old Legend

Troy, both a historical reality and a mythic dream, provides a backdrop for the 3,000-year-old legend. Without the existence of Troy and the Trojan War, the timeless “Iliad and Odyssey” by Homer would not have manifested. This literary monument seamlessly weaves reality and dream, showcasing a profound creative aptitude. Amidst the Troy War, gods and goddesses of the pagan era engaged in acts of eating, drinking, lovemaking, heroism on the battlefield Read More about Discovering a Hidden Marvel, and sudden humiliations arising from family disputes.

Navigating Homeric Narratives

“Dus ve Gercek Troia” serves as an illuminating companion to Homer’s tales. While Homer narrates Troy and its war, this book, published in 2001 Sightseeing Tour Turkey, enables a more profound comprehension of Iliad and Odyssey, products of a civilization flourishing three millennia ago. Bridging the 8th-century B.C. legends of Homer with the 2001 publication of “Dus ve Gercek Troia” becomes a journey of understanding. Dr. Sema Bulgurlu Gun’s translation efforts for the Turkish version of the book are commendable. Special thanks to Mercedes Benz Türk A.S. for promoting this initiative and to the publisher, “homerkitapevi.”


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