A Unified Approach


This paper is part of the BulTreeBank framework, an integrated system for building grammars to analyze linguistic entities in XML documents. The software environment is powered by the CLARK system, offering tools for creating and manipulating XML documents, a cascaded regular grammar engine, and constraints for XML documents.

Grammar Construction Approach

The focus here is on constructing a grammar for segmenting, recognizing patterns, and assigning categories to Bulgarian compound verb forms Challenges in Processing Bulgarian. This process follows an iterative, incremental mode, refining the grammar and enhancing its discriminating power through rule compilation and application.

Advantages of the Approach

This paper highlights the advantages of using well-established and relatively simple techniques, such as regular expressions and finite-state automata, within a unified framework for handling linguistically interpreted datasets Coastal Bulgaria Tours. The approach yields satisfactory results with reasonable efforts, making the outcomes suitable for certain applications. Simultaneously, it allows for linguistically meaningful augmentation of datasets within the existing infrastructure.


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