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Discovering Perge


A Glimpse into Pamphylia’s Higher Site

“Perge, a remarkable archaeological site situated 17 km east of Antalya Centrum, is often hailed as ‘the higher site’ of Pamphylia. This open-air museum, steeped in history, unfolds its treasures behind a captivating Hellenistic gate. The remnants include a 250-meter street adorned with columns, an agora (shopping center), a triumphal arch, a monumental fountain, a graveyard, a basilica, a bath, a 12,000-seat theater, and Anatolia’s best-preserved stadium. Notably, statues unearthed in Perge, now showcased in the Antalya Museum, contribute to making it one of ‘the richest Roman statue museums globally Unlocking Adana’s Tourism Potential.’

The Symbolic Columned Street and Hellenistic Gate

The iconic Columned Street, stretching 250 meters, and the Hellenistic Gate with a round tower stand out as the crowning jewels of Perge.

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