Vitosha Bulgaria Private Tours


Vitosha Bulgaria private tours

Doesn’t Vitosha Bulgaria private tours sound like a flying carpet to you? One that likes to take you on an imaginary journey around the mountain Vitosha. This is the fourth highest mountain in Bulgaria after Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina (Old Mountain or the Balkan). The mountain is relatively young and it’s in close proximity to the capital of the country, Sofia. That makes the city unique because it is situated at the foot of the mountain. Not many places can be that lucky.

On the territory of Bulgaria there are 37 mountains. 36 of them are in the southern part of the country. There are biggest and highest, most beautiful and alpine mountains.

Vitosha mountain is one of these 37 mountains (Vitosha Bulgaria private tours), as well as the symbol of Sofia. The mountain is also the oldest nature park on the Balkan Peninsula. What is more, Vitosha is the only dome-shaped mountain of volcanic origin in the country. The mountain has the shape of a big dome. Cherni Vrah (or Black Peak) is Vitosha’s highest peak (2290 m). It is one of the 10 peaks in Vitosha over 2000 m high. Characteristic of the mountain are the stone rivers. They are heapings of rock blocks, in the shape similar to that of a cube. They are a result of the water flowing which gradually smoothened their edges.

Interesting legends

People used to praise Bulgarian mountains in the old songs. Mountains were always people who later turned into rocks. Not only songs but legends as well are likely to animate mountains and thus making them part of human relationships.

Let me not postpone it any longer but tell you the legend that lies behind Vitosha Mountain. Once upon a time there used to be two ridges, The Big Ridge and The Long Ridge. In the nearby villages lived a girl named Vita. She was a shepard and used to trake the herd of sheep to the Big Ridge. She had a beautiful voice and could sing. On the other ridge, the Long Ridge, there was a quiet and humble boy, a shepard as well. He could play the rebec. His name was Lyulin. Whenever he heard Vita’s strong voice, he accompanied her. If the girl didn’t sing, the villagers would hear the boy calling her, ‘Vitooo!’. To that Vita would say. ‘Shtoooo?’ (meaning ‘What?’) And what actually villagers could understand was ‘Vitoshoooooo’.

In short, these two young people became the reason for Vitosha Bulgaria private tours. Funny, isn’t it?

Love at first sight

Vitosha Bulgaria private tours, Vita’s mother cursed Vitosha and Lyulin to turn into rocks. The reason for that was the fact that Vita declined all the good marriage proposals for Lyulin. Eventually, she ran away from her family. That day the villagers heard the young people in love calling each other from the Big and the Long Ridges. It was a clear and sunny day. All of a sudden, a scary thunder split the earth where Vita was standing, the Big Ridge and Vita fell. A thunder hit Lyulin on the other ridge. Since then people call the Big Ridge – Vitosha and the Long Ridge – Lyulin. The peak, where the thunder hit Vita, is Black Peak (Cherni Vrah).

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