Eudocia 1067 part 22


His face is rounded into a perfect circle, the eyes grey, very big, and most serene, with the eyebrows forming an absolutely straight line slightly separated at the base of the nose and gently curving towards the temples. The tip of his nose is straight, but there is a tiny rise on the bridge and towards the base it is somewhat aquiline. His head is covered with hair golden as the sun, and his lips are dainty, his eyes gentle, gentler than the angels. In them you may see a nature neither proud nor humble, but charming, divinely inspired.

13. There is a story that Heracles saw Ajax, the son of Telamon, while still a nursling, and wrapt him in his lion-skin. Likewise, I have rnany a time held in my arms this little prince and prayed that he may benefit from my words. In time to come I will take him in my arms again, very often, and I hope, that when he grows to manhood and inherits the Empire from his father, I too may benefit from him. Nestor of Pylos, after the capture of Troy, told Neoptolemus, Achilles’ son, how a man might cultivate shrewdness.

I would give only this advice to the little one — for maybe one day, when he becomes a youth, he will read my history — this advice, to follow the example of his father and to ask himself how nearly he approaches that model. Yes, little one, may you indeed be like your sire: you would ‘grow up no mean man’.**292 If I live on beyond the normal span, I will compose another history, for you, when you have given me deeds to write of; if not, then what I have written here will satisfy you and provide for other historians a startingpoint, when they record your reign.

Andronicus,**293 Brother of the Emperor Michael Ducas

14. This charming prince is just past his boyhood. Although an eager student of oratory, he is not disposed to neglect the more profound subjects — at any rate, he embarrasses me when he discourses on the antipodes and denies their existence, contending that, if they did exist, they would have to walk upside down! His hands are somewhat large, but he is clever with them and has a delicate touch. He takes to his athletic training easily, is lighthearted, unaffected, and altogether frank, refined in his tastes, a useful horseman, passionately fond of the chase, not content with keeping abreast of the hare, but anxious to fly along with the crane. He is only a moderate speaker, but concludes gracefully whenever he lapses into nonsense.

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