Istanbul Transportation


Ataturk Airport

There are many alternativesIstanbul, such as any modem metropolis, provides many transportation alternatives for its guests. After arriving Ataturk Airport, a tourist can reach to the city centre by taxi, or choose more economical alternatives such as HAVAS, subway (called “hizli tramvay” by Turkish people) or municipality buses. An Akbil token, a unified transportation system that one can purchase credits as needed, makes getting on the city buses, subways, ferries and the trams more economical. “Dolmus” (a kind of shuttle that leaves the first stop when all seats are full), and minibuses are the means of transportation peculiar to Istanbul. All taxis in Istanbul have taximeters. Climbing up to Pera from Karakoy by talcing the “nostalgic tunnel” subway train is not only practical but also fun. With Istanbul Metrosu, the subway, you can reach from Taksim to 4. Levent very fast The ferries, fast sea buses and motorboats shuttle regularly in the sea. The bridges on the Bosphorus provides uninterrupted connection between Asia and Europe.Many ships from abroad come alongside the harbour at Karakoy; and the passenger ships in the harbour never disappear throughout the year.


Ataturk Hava Limani is the international airport located in the European side of Istanbul. The Sabiha Gbkqen Hava Limani that has recently completed, is located in the Asian part of the city. There are scheduled and charter flights to Istanbul from many cities of Europe.


The ferryboats of Maritime Lines (Deniz Yollari) have voyages between Izmir-Venice,Many ships from abroad come alongside the harbour at Karakoy; and the passanger ships in the harbour never disappear throughout the year.The ferries (“Vapur”) that bridge the two continents provide the best scenic way of transoprtation in the city. The working lines are along the Bosphorus (Bogaziqi) and the Golden Horn (Halig). The ferries run between 7.30 AM – 9 PM at Eminonu-Kadikoy line and 6 AM – ir.30 PM


Istanbul has two big train stations. One is Sirkeci Gari, used by the trains coming from Europe; the other is Haydarpasa Gari, used by the trains coming from Anatolia. The subway and the tram are very useful for transportation in the city for the dwellers and the tourist. The tram line starts from Eminonu, passes by Sultanahmet, Aksaray and reaches to Zeytinbumu. It serves between 5 AM -12 am.

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