The District Doctor part 9


Well, I spent the whole night with her in this way. Before morning I went away, feeling as though I were mad. When I went again into her room it was daytime, after morning tea. Good God! I could scarcely recognize her; people are laid in their grave looking better than that. I swear to you, on my honor, I don`t understand I absolutely don`t understand now, how I lived through that experience. Three days and nights my patient still lingered on. And what nights! What things she said to me!

Little hope

And on the last night only imagine to yourself I was sitting near her, and kept praying to God for one thing only: `Take her,` I said, `quickly, and me with her.` Suddenly the old mother comes unexpectedly into the room. I had already the evening before told her the mother there was little hope, and it would be well to send for a priest. When the sick girl saw her mother she said: `It`s very well you have come; look at us, we love one another we have given each other our word.`

`What does she say, doctor? what does she say?` I turned livid. `She is wandering,` I say; `the fever.` But she: `Hush, hush; you told me something quite different just now, and have taken my ring. Why do you pretend? My mother is good she will forgive she will understand and I am dying. … I have no need to tell lies; give me your hand.` I jumped up and ran out of the room. The old lady, of course, guessed how it was.

“I will not, however, weary you any longer, and to me too, of course, it`s painful to recall all this. My patient passed away the next day. God rest her soul!” the doctor added, speaking quickly and with a sigh. “Before her death she asked her family to go out and leave me alone with her.”
“`Forgive me,` she said; `I am perhaps to blame towards you… my illness… but believe me, I have loved no one more than you … do not forget me… keep my ring.` ”

The doctor turned away; I took his hand.

“Ah!” he said, “let us talk of something else, or would you care to play preference for a small stake? It is not for people like me to give way to exalted emotions. There`s only one thing for me to think of; how to keep the children from crying and the wife from scolding. Since then, you know, I have had time to enter into lawful wedlock, as they say. … Oh … I took a merchant`s daughter seven thousand for her dowry. Her name`s Akulina; it goes well with Trifon. She is an ill- tempered woman, I must tell you, but luckily she`s asleep all day. …Well, shall it be preference?”

We sat down to preference for halfpenny points. Trifon Ivanich won two rubles and a half from me, and went home late, well pleased with his success.

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