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Heybeliada that had housed the important personalities of Turkish literatur such as Ahmet Rasim, Esat Mahmut Karakurt, and Huseyin Rahmi Gurpmar, is the second biggest island in Adalar. The green coverts, shore and beaches, pretty architecture are the leading qualities that make the island popular. Heybeliada, the oldest known name is Domonissos (Demon Isles), has a very old and colourful story dating back to 2,500 BC.

Due to its flora and atmosphere resembling Mediterranean climate, Heybeliada is a place that must be visited during winter, not only summer; but certainly during spring and fall, like the rest of the islands. The splendid monasteries of Heybeliada are famous. One of them is AyaTriada, first turned into Greek ` Orthodox School of Theology, then into the Greek Highschool for Boys, with a director but without any students. Aya Nikola Church (St. Nicholas) and Terk-i Dunya Monastery (meaning, leaving the world) with its sad name are the others.

The current name comes from its “profile” when looked from the sea (Heybeliada means -the island with a- saddlebag). Its full moon is as beautiful as being the theme of songs and poems.

The last ferry from Heybeliada to Sirkeci is at 8.40 PM during the working days and 9.25 PM in the weekends. The last ferry to Bostanci is at 11.40 PM everyday.


The castle of Sait Faik

The smallest, thus the prettiest of the islands. The name during the Byzantine period was Antigone, coming from a castle built by one of the generals of Alexander the Great. Its current name is similar, Burgaz means castle. Burgazada is calmer than the other islands. The island that has a width and length of 2km, used to be Greek village, before Turks began settling down here after the second half of the 18th century.

The only hill of the island, Bayrak Tepesi (170m) or 1 Iristos with its old name, has a beautiful view for those who does not get tired and climb. Burgaz has gained its fame with Sait Faik. There is a statue of Sait Faik at the port. The house where the story writer used to live, can be visited at Burgaz Cayiri Sokak, no: 15, between 9 AM 12 PM and 2 PM – 5 PM during the working days. It can be visited until 1 PM on Saturdays and is closed on Sundays.

If you visit Burgazada, you must definitely go to Kalpazankaya countryside restaurant. You will see a dazzling sun set especially in September and October. l ire last ferry from Burgazada to Sirkeci is at 8.55 PM during the irorking days and 9.55 PM in the weekends. The last ferry to llostana is at 11.55 PM everyday.


The melancholia of voluntary exiles

The first stop of a journey towards Adalar is Kinaliada. That is why its name during Byzantine period is Proti, in other words first the current name, Kinali (henna-coloured) comes from the colour of its soil with plenty of ferric oxide. It is so small that, phaetons are not used in the island, because you can walk from one side to the other in half an hour.

Kinaliada is suitable only for excursions, because there is no hotel in the island. Ayazma restaurant or Ayazma Beach is the only place you can swim in the sea or pool. Kirkor Lusaroviq Armenian Church, Panagia and Khristos monasteries must certainly be seen with their magnificent architectures.

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